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Insurance Benefits To Guarantee the Future

April 10, 2011

Benefit Insurance
Prudential, with Product-based Unit Linked Life Insurance will provide health insurance, and welfare are:
1. Savings (Investment)
2. Health Protection
3. Income Protection (Monthly Salary)

The products mentioned above are designed to provide assurance as a result of various risks in the future. We believe that the products mentioned above are basic and primary needs.

The purpose of participation expected from a Prudential Insurance Savings Products are:
1. Able to create efficiency and discipline in financial matters.
2. Assist in preparing for the educational needs of beloved baby.
3. Assist in preparing for the need for collateral.
4. Able to increase productivity by providing guarantees for family welfare.

Benefits Provided:

1. Investment Benefits
a. Benefits Children Education Fund
b. Pension Benefits
c. Benefit Emergency Fund
d. Benefits For a Better Future
e. Benefits To Meet Religious Worship

2. Benefit Protection

a. Benefits of Life / Death
b. Benefits Health, Inpatient, ICU, Surgery
c. Permanent & Total Disability Benefits
d. Critical Illness Benefit
e. Free Benefit Savings

3. Free Income Protection Benefits (Monthly Salary)

Prudential Insurance in technorati.com

April 9, 2011

We have just signed the claim token 2DBW7AGF9FW6 to this claim

Importance of Insurance For Our Lives

Why insurance is important for our lives?. Insurance is very important because in living life, we face uncertainty. But surely die just that we do not know when it will happen.

Because of the certainty we die but not sure when that's happening we need the insurance!.

If we are certainly not going to die we do not need to have life insurance because we know for sure we will not die until at any time.

Because of the uncertainty that we must have LIFE INSURANCE

To have a life insurance we need intelligent smart home to vote because if we can choose our future can be fooled!

So we have to choose a company that has been long standing and dimanajemeni by professional people on the field.

Keeping Your Personal Protection for the Long Term

When you decide to buy an insurance product that is associated with the investment, you do for a long-term orientation, among others, to meet the educational needs of children, retirement funds, etc.. In terms of investment, according to the fluctuating nature, rise and fall of the value of investments, particularly in the type of investment fund shares, it is definitely happening in the short term. This is where you need to reaffirm your focus by considering that the insurance product that is associated with an investment is not for short-term goals, but for long-term orientation.

Therefore, the rise and fall of the value of this investment should not be addressed by policy redeem at the time of the decrease or increase the investment value of the instrument at high risk to lower risk (switching). Or suppose that these funds will be used in the near future, even for emergency needs. You do not need to do a redemption policy, but simply by doing a partial withdrawal of funds (withdrawal), and maintaining your policy to remain active. The reason is because if you make a redemption policy, to have / continue the policy again in the future, you are required to perform the process from the beginning as well as medical examination seta pay various fees prescribed. You also must suda age increases so that your premium will also become higher as well as your medical condition is it still like when you first become customers of insurance? This is of course you need to look for comfort you and your family financial planning.

Advantage Prudential Insurance Syariah

Lately a lot of popping up Sharia-compliant insurance products such as bumiputera that bumiputera issue of sharia, Islamic PRUlink Assurance prudential with Accounts and so forth. This phenomenon is characterized by the emergence, PT. Asuransi Takaful Indonesia which established in 1994, a Sharia-based insurance company. This phenomenon invites a question. What is the advantage of Islamic insurance products?

The question above is a big question that should be a consideration for us all. Hotbonar Sinaga, director of Social Security, said that the Islamic insurance benefits not only based on the sharia as the absence of usury in the investment, the element of gambling or not filled with uncertainty factors. Real superiority of Islamic insurance, as well as other Islamic financial products, none other than the profit-sharing or mudaraba. That's why in Islamic insurance is not known the existence of risk transfer, but better known as risk sharing.

The main advantage creates other advantages, which differentiate these products significantly by non-Islamic products. In the mechanism of contribution payments from customers, immediately separated into two: first, to the account of tabarru 'or protection and the second went into a savings account for the results. So from the beginning has been separated. Those advantages compared to conventional insurance with the account for the results show that some of the premium had been allocated for distribution to the result of investment returns to our policyholders.

Unlike conventional insurance, because there is no separation of premium then in the early formation of reserves, none of which customers are entitled to the policyholder. As a result, when the policyholder no longer able to continue to sell the policy back to the company asurani to get the cash value to be received can be nil. If anything, the magnitude of the cash value in the early years will be far different from the accumulated premiums ever paid.

Account for the possible existence of Islamic insurance companies to share the portion of investment returns by policy holders if there is no claim within one year policy period. In conventional insurance, known as the so-called no claim bonus. Namely, the bonus will be obtained policyholders in insurance losses, especially if the closure policy for several years there was never any claim lodged. In Islamic insurance, with a system of profit-sharing bonuses allows the insured even if the closure policy had lasted for one year. These bonus options given various alternatives such as cash deposited, reducing the premium renewal periods, assigned to various foundations in the form infak and charity.

However, constraints on the state of Indonesia Islamic insurance products not so well known by people so many people who do not know the benefits of this insurance. Unlike neighboring countries namely, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. Due to incessant promotion that they do cause the market Islamic products not only enjoyed by Muslims but also non-Muslim parties. Apparently this can be a lesson to us all.

My family is My Love

Family is part of our lives that matter most! Without family we are not who who! Many things are missing anything if we do not have a family!.

The most painful period is a time when we lose people we love most especially when he was a head of household!.

The world will feel the collapse of the family left behind when heads of families have no chance to set aside a portion of their income to provide protection for abandoned FAMILY.

Avoid it by as early as possible following the unit-linked insurance program at Prudential Indonesia because PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE PROTECTION OF INDONESIA will provide the most valuable benefits on FAMILY THAT YOU LOVE

PRUlink Rupiah Managed Fund plus

April 8, 2011

PRUlink Rupiah Managed Fund plus is a long-term investment fund designed to help you earn maximum investment gains through fund placements in Rupiah using instruments of investment such as stocks, bonds and other money market instruments. Allocation of funds will be determined by Fund Managers and will be subject to change at any time. This option is ideally suited if you are an investor preferring attractive long-term investment gains, and at the same time ready to sustain moderate-to-high levels of investment risks.